Chrismas Dinner 2009
(Thanks to Richard Fraser for the pictures)

(do not be alarmed !)

A solo from Terry
Favershams very own John Williams & Julian Bream in concert
Geoff makes it look easy !
A lively song from Geoff Chris & Bob
Great instrumental support from Chris
Grace & Jean bring a bit of class to the carol singing
Pat & Jill, St. Trinians school girls for the evening.
Jill, Maxine & Pat give us their version of the 12 days of Christmas
Great style and panache from the 3 St. Tinians girls
Roy displays his complete mastery of - The Kazoo!
Ernie was in fine voice that evening.
Jim Bryden gave us a few songs in his inimitable style.
Jean did her fascinating 'sign language' speciality.