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(Unless otherwise stated entrance = (£6 Members / £7 Non-Members)

PLEASE NOTE:- Doors Open at 7:30 Music starts at 8:00

And Booked So Far - 2023


29th November


Damian Barber
(£9 / £10)


Damien Barber is a stylish and distinctive singer, be it unaccompanied or alongside his guitar or English concertina. He has been heavily influenced by such earlier singers as Peter Bellamy and Walter Pardon from his native Norfolk. Over the years, he heard many of the great English revival singers like Nic Jones, Dick Gaughan and Martin Carthy at his local folk club. There, he began to absorb the styles and sounds of local singers such as Tony Hall and Peter Bellamy and he was fortunate to listen to, and to play with Walter Pardon, one of the last great Traditional singers of the region, at his home before he died in 1996. With such strong folk credentials, it’s not surprising that Damien is a committed traditionalist. Damien is well-known for his collaboration with Mike Wilson. They share a rich repertoire of traditional songs from around the country. He formed The Demon Barbers (Peter Bellamy’s affectionate nickname for him) at the end of the 1990s. A traditionalist, might raise an eyebrow about folk-rock, but, surely, electric folk is part of a process of embracing and accepting relevant and appropriate new developments, just as folk music has, over the years, accepted the concertina and the Spanish guitar. “He plays a hell of a concertina and he’s got all the signs of being a strong, strong singer” Peter Bellamy


13th December


Jim Causley
(£10 / £11)


Jim Causley is a folk-singer, award winning songwriter, musician, proud Devonian and all-round entertainer. He grew up in a wassailing village not far from Sidmouth Folk Festival and sang with Wren Music before heading to Newcastle University to study on their brand new degree course in Folk & Traditional Music. He rose to prominence singing with The Devil’s Interval and Mawkin:Causley as well as touring with Waterson:Carthy and David Rotheray. In recent years his work has focused on his musical settings of poems by his relative Charles Causley, penning his own songs and reviving lost gems from his home county.


27th december



Closed For Christmas


And Booked So Far - 2024 

10th January

(£7 / £8)


24th  January

Liz Simcock
(£7 / £8)


7th February

Shake Me Up Sally
(£9 / £10)


21st February

Ian K Brown
(£7 / £8)


6th March

Steve Turner
(£9 / £10)


20th March

Dave Ellis &
Boo Howard

()£9 / £10)


All Wednesdays
without guests.

Singers Nights.
Admission £2 for everyone.

Bring your instruments, poems, stories and particularly your favourite songs and join in - or just listen or sing the choruses.

Contact PAT on 01795 423674 to book seats or for information