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(Unless otherwise stated entrance = (£6 Members / £7 Non-Members)

PLEASE NOTE:- Doors Open at 7:30 Music starts at 8:00


And Booked So Far - 2024 

17th April

Bob Kenward
(£9 / £10)

A familiar sight in folk clubs all over Kent for the last 25 years, Bob Kenward has written many songs about the Garden of England and his affection for his home county. 

His interest in folk music began in West Sussex in the 1970s, after he had learned to play the harmonica under the influence.  Returning to Kent, the Faversham Folk Club at Oare soon made an impression, due to the beer barrels used as seats.

He met Ernie Warner, which was an education to him. And soon started write new songs to seek fame and fortune.  Luckily, he also taught.

Gradually he built up a repertoire of songs about apples, hops and Syn, most of which were relentlessly lampooned beneath the rafters of the Chimney Boy by Terry, Chris Care and the rest of the gang.

His big break came with the recording of Sweet Pippin by Tundra, with which came membership of the PRS and German jukebox royalties.  Emboldened, he kept writing, as he couldn’t think of a way to stop. He broadened his horizons, playing the Medway Delta and once going as far as Dartford.

After a two year visit to Scarborough, where he made many new friends before finding the return half of his ticket, he began to be influenced by the Tonbridge Scene, a Hoodening collective of no fixed tuning.  And still the songs kept coming inspired by the example of Ernie Wise.

Latterly he has realised his full potential by running the Broadstairs Woodshed session, in which he plays a mean clipboard.

Disturbingly for the burghers of Faversham, he has also begun to turn up there again, returning to the haunts of his youth with tales of faraway lands.  Hawkhurst, Romney Marsh.  A new song about apples, even.

Bob is proud of his association with the members of Faversham Folk Club, as without their kind words of appreciation and encouragement he would never have written so many songs.

It appears therefore that we are to blame!!!


1st May

Rumpled Muslin
(£9 / £10)

Rumpled Muslin are: Scottish singer Amanda MacLean, known for her haunting ballads and wry Glaswegian humour. Alison Frosdick, traditional a capella singer & previous member of the folk duo 'Alison & Jack' and Wendy Lanchin whose background includes not just folk but theatre, Jazz & Blues.

Plus, plenty of time for floorspots.

Like an open mike without the mike, it’s the best-known floor singers’ night in London – trad songs & tunes, ballads, shanties, rousing choruses, and more.. with the best folk harmonies in the Capital.


15th May

Pip Ives
(£8 / £9)

Is a local Musician of note.

5th June

Kate Lissauer
(£8 / £9)

Kate’s one-woman and ensemble shows are all packed with beautiful music, both lively and mournful, anecdotal repartee, and humour.  As well as being a solo artist (playing both her own tunes and honouring those of many well-known Bluegrass and Old-Time artists)  Kate is the founder and leader of two other highly sought-after acts – Buffalo Gals  - (recipient of the “Old-Time Mountain CD of the Year” award from Iowa’s Rural Roots Music Commission) and Sonic Silents – an homage to black and white Oscar-winning Hollywood movies, featuring live performance of original Old-Time inspired scores to silent films.

Kate is currently offering all of her usual menu of possible musical events, plus rehearsing and tour-booking (for shows in Spring 2024 – Spring 2025)  as a special duo ‘Night Out’ with stunning Appalachian step-dancer, Sibylle Riesen.

Kate has six recoded music projects to her name, three solo albums, and three with Buffalo Gals.  To listen to or purchase Kate’s solo or Buffalo Gals music please take a look and click here.

If you are interested in Kate Lissauer performing at your venue - as solo, duo or as a band, please view her reel here and get in touch.  We’d love to hear what you think would suit your venue and your event.


12 June

Andy Turner &
Mat Green

(£10 / £11)

Mat and Andy are both founder members of Magpie Lane providing the instrumental drive at the heart of the band's dance music repertoire.

Mat was born and bred in Bampton in Oxfordshire, and has been dancing and playing for the morris for over 40 years. He has developed a unique, utterly danceable, quintessentially English fiddle style. As well as playing in Magpie Lane, he was a member of the justly popular ceilidh band, the Woodpecker Band.

Andy also has many years' experience playing dance music, with Polkabilly, Geckoes and most recently The Oxford NAGS. He has a punchy, rhythmic concertina style, but is also able to play in a slower, smoother style to accompany his own fine singing.

Together, Mat and Andy play mainly traditional English dance tunes. They specialise in little-known tunes from eighteenth and nineteenth century village musicians' tunebooks, but essentially will play any good dance tune from almost anywhere!

The tunes are interspersed with songs - again, mainly from English traditional sources.


10th July

Cathy Barclay  & Sarah Yarwood
(£9 / £10)

Mother & daughter duo Cathy Barclay & Sarah Yarwood weave delicate vocal harmonies into songs of the folk tradition. Cathy sang with a capella bands Beggars Velvet & Bryony. She also plays the dulcimer. Their album 'Our Thyme' was released in April 2023.


17th July

Sound Tradition
(£11 / £12)

Sound Tradition is an a cappella folk foursome (David, Linda, Catherine and Moose) singing in glorious harmony. Their varied repertoire ranges from lively chorus songs to lilting ballads, and from medieval times to the modern day, but always with an ear for the English folk tradition. They have proudly supported such luminaries as Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, Chris Wood and Roy Bailey but also enjoy the main stage in their own right. Hailing from East Anglia, Sound Tradition can be found at clubs and festivals across the country – come and join in!


 “Powerful and rousing traditional songs with lovely harmonies. Go and see them!”

All Wednesdays
without guests.

Singers Nights.
Admission £2 for everyone.

Bring your instruments, poems, stories and particularly your favourite songs and join in - or just listen or sing the choruses.

Contact PAT on 01795 423674 to book seats or for information